Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Be More Than Just A Pretty Face

Dear Models, Actors, Hosts, Comedians, and Newbies: other words, please do not depend solely on your looks when it comes to trying to book gigs.

You are not respecting your craft if you do not prepare or at least are willing to learn so that you're on your A-Game when presenting yourself. And I get that some are born with natural Talent and looks. But even the talented and beautiful can use some sort of training and structure.

Being THAT Talent who isn't open to try new things or open to constructive criticism is not who we want to work with or hire. If you respect the craft, you have to nurture it. Be open. Be flexible. Research. Watch who is doing what you want to do and do it better or do it in your own way. But don't sit on your ass relying on the hook up or someone to book you directly because you look good.

Making yourself better can actually make you more marketable and more money! Cha-Ching! And sometimes work means working on yourself to get work and more work...and there's nothing wrong with that.
  • Work on those facial expressions, poses, hand gestures, and/or diction. 
  • Work out, try a new hair style or cut. Take new photos. Test the waters! 
  • Follow up on leads. Ask for help. 
  • Practice! 
  • Got a camera? No? Borrow one. Have a friend do a mock interview of you and watch yourself.
  • Interview a friend and watch yourself interviewing them.
  • Go to an actual magazine shop or book store and buy some different magazines and books for inspiration on facial expressions, poses...and learn a little about body language.
  • You have a fave doing what you want to do? Google them! See what has them working and try to implement what they're doing in your strategy.
You have to empower yourself. Invest in yourself...unless you're trying to stay local and known only to your crew of friends....and there's nothing wrong with being local. But don't complain if and when others are doing big and bigger things while you stay unknown.

It's really simple. You want more? Do more!

That's all I've got!

Good luck. Get booked!



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